Hello. My name is Ann*. This is my story, and why me and my family are so passionate about supporting Red Nose Day.

I know many families in the Red Nose community have lost of a baby or child.

My daughter Samantha died in 2003. Sam was just seven weeks old. I put her to sleep one afternoon, and she never woke up again.

The pain and grief of losing Sam is indescribable. It felt so lonely and empty.

But our family got through it, and I have two other beautiful children.

And even though it’s been 17 years, I still miss Samantha. I think about her every day.

It makes me sad to hear so many babies still die. And that’s why we try to get involved in Red Nose Day each year.

We do it in Sam’s honour, because I don’t want any more families to have to go through what we went through. Some years I’ve sold red noses at my work, and in other years we have helped volunteer on Red Nose Day.

I think it all helps, and it helps me feel closer to Sam. I hope we can make a big difference this year too and help as many families as possible.

This year has been a very difficult one, but I still want to help on Red Nose Day. I’ll still be wearing my red nose. We do it for Sam and to help other families.

Red Nose Day is on Friday, 14 August
Learn more about how you can get involved and join with thousands of people just like Ann this Red Nose Day.

* Ann asked us to change her name to protect her privacy.