Every year, six-year-old Lucy remembers her beautiful big sister Emma.

Below, Lucy shares in her words, what Red Nose Day means to her.

“Red Nose Day is important to my family because my big sister Emma died and I really miss her.

“I didn’t get to see her and I wish I could see her.

“It’s really sad because she was born and died in the same month so my mummy and daddy didn’t get to do much with her, and then she just died.

“We celebrate Red Nose Day to help remember babies that have died, and to help raise money so that Red Nose can help the babies’ families, as it’s really sad for their parents and their brothers and sisters.

“On Red Nose Day, I like to buy red noses with my pocket money and share them with my friends at school.

“The money raised is super helpful for the researchers and the people who look after babies’ families.

“You can do anything really, like once I sold some old toys, and this year I’m going to sell cupcakes!

“You can do anything that helps you give some money to Red Nose.

“My sister died but she’s always in my heart, and she sends me butterflies to tell me she loves me and that she’s OK.

“She also paints the sky with other babies and children that have died. They are her friends.”

“It’s important to help Red Nose reach their goal of zero because I am wishing that Emma was here, and I want Red Nose to help stop other babies dying like my sister did.

“Everyone should get to have a big sister to play with.”

Help stop little lives being cut short this Red Nose Day

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